Networks and Memory Systems


  • Minhaj Hassan
  • Andy Vanderhayden
  • Jeff Young
  • Sudhakar Yalamanchili



Networks and Memory Systems

The broad focus of this project is to investigate energy and performance efficient integration of interconnection networks and memory systems. On-chip this takes the form of understanding exploiting the relationships between address spaces, topology, routing, and switch & memory controller scheduling policies. The end-goal is to minimize latency and data movement.

At the system level, we advocate and explore the implications and implementation of a Global Address Space (GAS) model for the implementation of scalable cluster systems. We proposed a specific variant – Distributed PGAS (DPGAS). In particular, we are concerned about the portability of the model and software implementations across future generations of processors with increasing physical address ranges. A prototype implementation based on HT-Over-Ethernet (HToE) has been synthesized to an FPGA and we are active members of the HyperTransport Consortium. During the 2010 Server Design Summit, AMD released a HyperTransport over Ethernet specification as part of their HyperShare platform. Through collaboration with the HyperTransport Consortium, CASL assisted in developing this specification to support encapsulation of noncoherent HyperTransport traffic in Ethernet packets to be sent over 10, 40, or 100 Gbps Ethernet networks. For more information please check out the specification link and papers that helped influence the development of this specification below. Another specification that CASL assisted with, HyperTransport over InfiniBand, was released at the beginning of 2011.

Our global address space work has now moved to GPU clusters and data centers in collaboration with the University of Heidelberg. For more current work related to global address space support for data center applications, please see the Oncilla project. Oncilla use hardware support for GAS developed at the University of Heidelberg.


The papers are provided for personal use and are subject to copyright of the publishers.

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Book Chapters

  • Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Jeffrey Young. System Impact of Integrated Interconnects from Attaining High Performance Communications: A Vertical Approach. CRC Press. 2009.