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The Computer Architecture and Systems Laboratory (CASL) is part of the NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center on Experimental Research in Computer Systems (www.cercs.gatech.edu). Our efforts are focused primarily on the exploration of novel concepts in computer architecture with a current emphasis on heterogeneous computing, power and thermal issues, and interconnection networks and memory hierarchies. The efforts are guided by an experimental philosophy that develops hardware and software artifacts and consequently are influenced by emerging standards. Towards this end, and through Georgia Tech, we have participated in the Hypertransport Consortium and have been past members of the Open Core Protocol Consortium.

Our current projects are broadly guided by the themes spanning a range of challenges in high performance, energy efficient computer architecture. We gratefully acknowledge the support of these efforts by the National Science Foundation, Sandia National Laboratories, DARPA, LogicBlox, Qualcomm, IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA, as well as the support of past projects by HP Labs, ONR, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Samsung, AMD, and SRC.



Klaus Advanced Computing Building Room 2305

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